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Monday Minute--Leadership Thought (Tune In)

Two main feelings are associated with pushing our boundaries too far -- discomfort and resentment. When you’re in a situation you don’t feel great about, check in to see if you’re feeling discomfort or resentment, then ask yourself what could be influencing that feeling. Is it the way an interaction is going? Does the other person have a specific expectation that’s bothering you? Do you feel as though you’re being taken advantage of or unappreciated? Often, we go beyond our comfortable limits and push boundaries because we feel guilty about something or feel as though we need to live up to a certain expectation that has been set for us. We’re called as Christians to be “cheerful givers,” but if you’re finding yourself giving but feeling spiritually, physically, or emotionally depleted, you’re not a cheerful giver, and you need to reconsider your boundaries. 
 Think of the last time you were pushed beyond your boundaries. Why did you go along with it? Why did you feel as though you couldn’t say no? Can you think of a way to say no nicely?

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