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Monday Minute--Leadership Thought (Don’t Dread It)

I know from experience that trying to stick to things you don’t enjoy doing is a recipe for disaster.

While we all have things to do that we’d rather not do, it’s essential to get positive feedback from doing the activity, so that we’re motivated to continue.

If you’re setting yourself up for a habit you hate, you’re building in negative feedback, which makes it harder to stick to. So either choose a habit that you can find enjoyment from or find another habit!

For example, going to the gym. So many people equate a gym membership as the only way to get in shape, but that’s simply not true! There are dozens of ways to get in shape, and most likely several that you would enjoy. If you’re not feeling like running on the treadmill, try a yoga class, pilates, taking a bike ride, frisbee golf, or joining a local sports league. The options are endless!

Today’s challenge is to list out some elements that you enjoy about the habit you’re trying to stick to.

If you need help, I’m here!

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