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Monday Minute--Leadership Thought(Consider Your Limits)

As we head into the holiday rush and being pulled in a million different directons between, family, work, etc, we felt it was appropriate to talk about boundaries. Often times we fail to set proper boundaries for ourselves at any point in the year, but its especially true for this time of year. Over the course of the next several week we will explore boaundaries and how to set them up and keep them in place.

Do you find yourself stretched too thin? Perhaps you haven’t even noticed because it’s become such a way of life for you, but if you fail to set boundaries between yourself and other people -- between your needs and theirs -- it’s difficult to have true purpose.

The key for Christians is a healthy balance between helping others and having enough boundaries to live out our true purpose. When we put ourselves in the position of savior for others, we discount what God can do.

When it comes to setting healthy boundaries in your life, the first step is determining where and what those boundaries are. Think about all the things you’ve said “yes” to in the past week or so, and consider whether those things add purpose to your life. Are you glorifying God in doing them?

For example, if you consider yourself an introvert and it takes a lot out of you to go out on the town with friends, make some time to think about how that extra energy affects your physical, emotional, and mental health. If you’re missing your son’s basketball games every week to help a friend, you’re jeopardizing an important family relationship. If you’re volunteering for a charity that takes you away from family, you are helping the charity at the expense of your family’s health.

While we can’t exclusively do things that keep us in our comfort zones, we do have the opportunity -- and right -- to walk away from excess stress and situations that make us feel drained.

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